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About Me!

My name is Niki Gatton.  I am a California girl born and raised with a passion for the outdoors.  I reside in one of the most beautiful areas of the world and I live to spend time outside with my family.  My passion for the outdoors is what drives my passion to paint. During college I discovered the joy that is skiing, mountain biking and all things outside.   I have a degree in Natural Resource Management and a Multiple Subjects teaching credential. My time spent as a wlderness ranger, ski patroller, and educator has fueled my passion for the mountains.  Even though I live in what many consider a paradise, my heart sings when I spend time at high elevation enjoying the majesty of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  My art is a representation of my longing for the place that makes MY heart sing.  I paint my dream! I have spent years learning how to make paint become the fantasy world that is the mountains.  I paint in bold colors, with unique brush strokes, bringing to life the mountain landscapes that are based in reality, but live boldly in my head.  I seek to bring people the joy I feel every time I escape to my paradise.
I have many pieces of work available on this site, but I am always happy to entertain commissioned pieces.  Thank you for supporting me!